About Us

Kedai Ayamas is the first company in Malaysia to introduce the sales of chicken and chicken-based products through a network of company-owned, air-conditioned stores - chicken boutiques. (Traditionally, live birds were slaughtered and sold only in 'wet' markets). Kedai Ayamas chain markets HALAL, high quality branded chicken that is hygienically processed and packed in the Company's own plants. 

In addition to its chilled chicken products and value-added further processed poultry products, the Kedai Ayamas retail chain was the first in the country to offer a delicious array of chicken roasters and light chicken-based snacks. One can easily purchase nutritious and tasty, ready-to-eat food for convenient takeaway, ready-to-cook frozen products, fresh chilled chicken and sundry products ranging from special sauces to confectionery and beverages.

The first convenience store was opened at Seapark on 29 April 1988. Today, it has 48 stores nationwide. This is basically a store with a ratio of 30:70 in terms of retailing chicken meat versus sundry goods that complement chicken product. 

Each year, more and more outlets are added to the chain; and these are styled to place greater emphasis on the sale of high-margin ready-to-eat gourmet chicken products. 
For more information on Kedai Ayamas, please log on to www.kedaiayamas.my


Brand Value

"As Preferred HALAL Specialty Chicken based Products Shop"
  • To continuously provide Quality Halalan Toyibban chicken based products at affordable prices in a convenient and modern business environment



To satisfy our customers every time they visit our retail outlet and to do it better than our competitors


People capability comes first - satisfied customers and profitability will follow.

How We Lead

Know and drive the business, and build and align teams

How We Win

Be the best at providing customers with best choice of products

How We Win

Our leadership principles :

  • Customer Focus - We listen and respond to the voice of the customer
  • Belief in People - We believe in people and encourage ideas from everyone
  • Recognition - We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others
  • Coaching and Support - We coach and support each other
  • Accountability - We do what we say
  • Excellence - We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence
  • Positive Energy - We execute with positive energy and intensity
  • Teamwork - We practice team together, team apart